To Make A Chiffon Cake, You Need This

I think I know where I got my “obsessive” trait from. I remember a period of time where I ate a lot of pandan chiffon cakes. Why? Because Mother Tan went through a phase where she was obsessively trying to make the World’s Most Awesome Chiffon Cakes. So, upon discovering that I am now obsessively baking, my aunt tried to pass me the baking stuff my mum used to use and have shoved into the storeroom.

One of the stuff I “inherited” is the chiffon cake tin. The research I’ve found online revealed a couple of things about chiffon cakes:

1. The tin must be aluminum. It cannot be the non-stick stuff because the cake needs to “cling” onto something as it rises. You shouldn’t even grease the tin.

2. There are a lot of recipes out there but the one thing you can’t not do while trying to make a chiffon cake is whisk the egg whites.

3. You’ll also need Cream of Tartar to stabilize the whites. It keeps the whites from breaking down if you overbeat them.

4. No butter is used. So chiffon cakes are light not just in texture but also in flavor. Which explains why pandan chiffon cakes, with their coconut milk and pandan flavor, are such a “hot favorite”.

5. The bits that jut out at the top of the tin? They are to support the tin when you invert it to cool the cake. Only remove the cake when it is fully cooled.

It seems like a really challenging cake to make … I’m a bit fearful to start because I don’t want to end up wasting the ingredients.

But I will eventually attempt a chiffon cake, so watch this space! Meanwhile, check out my other bakes here.

The detachable base makes removing the cake later much easier.

The detachable base makes removing the cake later much easier.

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