Ginger and Orange Wreath Cake

Right everyone, if you are sick of log cakes, stollens and fruit cakes, why not order up a wreath cake for a change?

This Christmas, Alpha Bakes is launching a Ginger and Orange Wreath Cake for those of you who want something different. I can’t share the recipe here because it’s a SECRET but here’s what I can tell you about the flavor profile:

Ginger and orange wreath cake

Flavor Notes:

Cake is a comforting mix of ginger and orange. It’s not super spicy so kids can definitely eat it. Made with a mixture of maple syrup and my homemade ginger syrup, it is not super sweet and taste great warmed or chilled.

Icing is a simple one made from a tablespoon of my super awesome ginger syrup (let’s just say if you wanna attempt this, make it the night before you do the cake) and some orange juice.

I decorated the cake with a mix of unsalted, unsweetened trail mix (peanuts, almonds, cashew nuts and raisins) and dried cranberries (for that festive touch!). Together, it’s a crunchy, sticky, citrusy dessert that is perfect for those who wanna watch their sugar intake over the festive season.


Ginger and Orange Wreath Cake, $55 (self collect). Add $10 if you want it delivered.

Ginger and Orange Wreath Cake, $55 (self collect). Add $10 if you want it delivered.



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  1. My family has a tradition of celebrating Christmas together every year with a potluck party. For this year’s party, I decided to eschew the usual log cake (which nobody really eats anyway) for a Ginger & Orange Wreath Cake from Alphabakes. And I’m glad I did! It was a hit with my family members, with everybody asking for seconds (and even third helpings, in some cases haha). Everybody commented that the flavours were interesting and texture deliciously moist. Best of all, this cake doesn’t leave you with a heavy feeling in your stomach, which is typical of most Christmas desserts.

    Tl; dr It’s damn good.

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