Monthly Archives: December 2014

Red Velvet Crepe Cake

So I was up for a challenge today and I wanted to make something … different. I chanced upon a recipe for red velvet crepes and thought, “How about a crepe cake?” The “fashionable” thing to do these days, it seems, is to pile them up and make a cake, each crepe layer topped with a layer of cream. The prettiness of it all comes through when you slice the cake.

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Flourless Carrot Cake

Finally! I’m getting round to writing about the Flourless Carrot Cake. I first made it for my friend Vanessa’s birthday in June. Her dad, Uncle Vincent, wanted to order a cake for her and he asked me to make something that she would like. At that time, Vanessa was doing personal training with Simon and was watching her carb intake. So, ever the “supportive” friend (haha!), I decided to try my hands on a making a flourless cake.

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Homemade Mayonnaise

Also known as “What to do with all that excess egg yolks?”

The amount of egg yolks I have in my refrigerator is obscene. What to do, right? Macarons, Swiss meringue buttercream, meringue pies … all these need egg whites but not yolks. After using some of it to make shortcrust pastries and lemon curd, I still have a huge bowl of yolks left!

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