Monthly Archives: September 2015

Teochew Bak Kut Teh

I love good ol’ Chinese soups like double-boiled herbal soups, bak kut teh, steamboats, etc. Unfortunately, the husband has an MSG sensitivity so we don’t often opt to eat such Chinese food when we dine out. What happens when a craving strikes? Usually, I would pester friends at work to go eat bak kut teh with me, or I would meet up with the sister for steamboat. But I’ve decided  – two weeks ago – to try to make my own bak kut teh. Something hearty, flavourful, and without the seasonings the “ang moh” claims give him a headache. Haha!

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Nasi Lemak Cupcakes

This creation is made possible for Stephanie and her husband, Kelvin. I had asked for “weird ingredients” to work with and they offered to let me experiment with this small jar of anchovy paste they had brought back from South Africa. I’ve been dragging my feet over working with this ingredient for a while due to work and I’m glad that I’ve finally gotten round to it.

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