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Nasi Lemak Cupcakes

This creation is made possible for Stephanie and her husband, Kelvin. I had asked for “weird ingredients” to work with and they offered to let me experiment with this small jar of anchovy paste they had brought back from South Africa. I’ve been dragging my feet over working with this ingredient for a while due to work and I’m glad that I’ve finally gotten round to it.

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Kaffir Lime & Leaf Mini Bundt Cakes

When the husband makes a dish, he buys enough ingredients to make the dish like 10 times over. He made tom yum soup for lunch last week and with that, he bought a pack of kaffir lime leaves. With lots of lime leaves left over, I wondered if a dessert can be created with an ingredient typically used to make spicy soups and curries.

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Pina Colada Cake

A friend messaged me a couple of weeks back asking if I could make a birthday cake for her mum. She said her mum’s favourite cocktail is pina colada and that she wanted a cake inspired by it.

After some research (and a test run), I decided to go with a coconut sponge with a pineapple and rum swiss meringue buttercream. As a final touch and, for some colour, I decided to cover the cake with a mixture of toasted and untoasted coconut flakes.

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