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Popcorn with Salted Caramel Sand and Crushed Pistachios

I love the idea of a little treat that you can give to friends or pack into your bag for when you feel peckish. I don’t want to pick at roasted nuts or granola (although I admit there are some really interesting artisanal granola mixes out there) so I’ve decided to make my own “gourmet” popcorn mix. Continue reading

Pistachio and Rosewater Cake

In Mandarin, pistachios are known as kai-xin-guo (happy nut). The name comes from the fact that the shell on the pistachio is split open in a way it looks like it’s smiling. I love the green and pinkish-red colors of the nut and, of course, its flavor. In many Turkish desserts, the pistachio is often paired with rosewater, like the baklava.

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