It’s Time To Eat … Like A Grown Up!

An alpha is someone who believes in “Go big or go home”. At Alpha Bakes, we do pies, cakes and pastries in full, satisfying sizes. Nothing is petite or delicate here. We want you to dig in, open your mouth and take a big, healthy bite out of our creations, out of Life!

Full On Flavor, Full On Fun!

There is nothing shy in the flavors we create at Alpha Bakes. Every bite of our creations is certain to make you go, “Mmmmmm…”. When you bite into an Alpha bake, you are immediately brought to your favorite food memory – we promise you fun, cheer and lots of love.

The Alpha Female Behind It All

I’m Deborah Tan – cofounder of Material World. My full-time job is that of being a Master Storyteller, a Content Creator, and a businesswoman. I took up baking so I can “switch off” from technology and digital, and create something with my hands.

Alpha Bakes is a record of this love affair with my hands. They aren’t just there to work on the keyboard or the smartphone. In Alpha Bakes, my hands have a newfound purpose of creating food that’ll feed people and make them happy.

To order a bake, simply click here and fill in the online form.

Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what’s for lunch.” Orson Welles



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