Homemade Dry Dog Kibble

For someone who’s not into making beautiful cakes – you know, building shapes and creating flowers or Disney characters – I’ve found myself looking for a new challenge when it comes to baking. I can look at most recipes (at least those that interest me) and go in my head, “Yeah. I can do something like that.”

I’ve had a go at making raw stuff like brownie bites and protein bars – very successful. So, now that a dog has entered my home, I thought, “Hey! Let’s make stuff suitable for pets!” It’s not a new concept – there are so many pet cafes out there these days – so there is a ton of research and recipes you can get off the web.

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Teochew Bak Kut Teh

I love good ol’ Chinese soups like double-boiled herbal soups, bak kut teh, steamboats, etc. Unfortunately, the husband has an MSG sensitivity so we don’t often opt to eat such Chinese food when we dine out. What happens when a craving strikes? Usually, I would pester friends at work to go eat bak kut teh with me, or I would meet up with the sister for steamboat. But I’ve decided  – two weeks ago – to try to make my own bak kut teh. Something hearty, flavourful, and without the seasonings the “ang moh” claims give him a headache. Haha!

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Nasi Lemak Cupcakes

This creation is made possible for Stephanie and her husband, Kelvin. I had asked for “weird ingredients” to work with and they offered to let me experiment with this small jar of anchovy paste they had brought back from South Africa. I’ve been dragging my feet over working with this ingredient for a while due to work and I’m glad that I’ve finally gotten round to it.

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My Grandma’s Prawn Mee Soup

Growing up, I think one of the things my grandma really enjoyed doing was cooking for the whole family. Every Sunday was a “Special Food Day” where she would cook up her specialties like popiah, mee siam and, prawn mee soup. Even though we no longer live together, nothing brings everyone home like a message on the phone saying, “Tonight got prawn mee.” It still warms my heart when I remember the troubles my grandma used to go through cooking up a storm for the family. When we were living with her and going to school from her place, she would wake up at the crack of dawn to cook breakfast for us.

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Review: Europace 12-in-1 Multi Function Mixer

I first got to know Ed and Hsin Yi of The Kitchen Society at the opening of the kitchen-studio. Upon learning about my interest in baking, they have been very supportive when it comes to informing me about upcoming classes that I might be keen on. I attended a class on macaron making once and I found that I like that The Kitchen Society keeps its classes small so that attendees all get a chance to learn through a hands-on experience.

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Honey & Brandy Cupcakes

I do apologise for being so tardy with my updates on this blog. I’ve been busy with work and have just returned from a 2-week break in the UK. FInding the time to bake is becoming increasingly difficult with the projects we’re getting at Material World. Even when I do find the time to bake, I often find it hard to blog about it after.

I was determined to create something this weekend. Initially, I had planned to “practice” making a wedding cake – I’d offer to make a friend her wedding cake as a gift. Unfortunately, one of my springform pans is missing a base. Frustrated that so much time was wasted searching high and low for it, I decided to fall back on making a batch of cupcakes.

We bought a batch of raw honey from Camden Lock Market. I was curious to see how they would taste in a bake. I selected this honey from Greece that is supposed to taste of oak (although I would have no idea how oak actually tastes like). Continue reading

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